Titanfall Mobile Game Gets Release Date, New Character

The mobile RTS game based in the Titanfall universe, called Titanfall Assault, is coming to Android and iOS on August 10.

Titanfall Assault will have players controlling Pilots and Titans across the battlefield in an attempt to best the other side, trying to do the same. To learn more, be sure to check out the Titanfall: Assault website.

Developers Nexon and Particle City also announced on Friday a new character, the Sim Ninja, who wields a sword and is able to cut through hordes of ads. The Titanfall Assault Facebook page released a trailer to give fans a closer look at the Sim Ninja.

Sim Ninja

Meet the Sim Ninja, one of the many deadly Pilots in Titanfall: Assault. The soul of a Pilot trapped in a robotic body, he hurtles into battle via drop pod, favoring swords over guns to slice through crowds of enemies. Use it to clear a path through enemy infantry so your Titans can advance.

Posted by Titanfall: Assault on Wednesday, August 2, 2017