Screenshot Saturday Featuring Knights and Bikes, Rock of Ages 2, Many More

Ah, Screenshot Saturday. Where developers, artists and others all across the internet take to Twitter to give us little glimpses on how the current games that they’re working on are progressing (and where seemingly random images also pop up due to people misinterpreting the hashtag, hence the Power Rangers trivia we had to wade through this week as well). As usual, we gather twelve various tweets containing images and GIFs from games that have caught our attention. Well, a minimum of twelve. Okay, whatever number we feel like that’s more than but close enough to twelve, depending on how good the day’s offerings were. Heck, we could have easily had a good thirty games this time around…ahem, sorry, rambling there. Anyhow, come take a look at this weekend’s crop!

The Pedestrian- Journey into the world of various public signs and the symbols inside them as you help our little friend make the move out a simple guide on the wall, and into a unique puzzle-platformer across a wide variety of locations. Make sure to link up some of the signs properly and get the results you need to advance, all while pondering if you may have caused a car crash in the process (don’t worry, you didn’t, probably).

Beacon- Attempt to get from your crashed ship to your distress beacon in this action-packed sci-fi roguelike where you can juice yourself up with any alien DNA you collect after each death. Thankfully, as the above bit proves, the semi-top-down perspective won’t end up being an unintentional challenge in the end when it comes to the mutli-layered levels that get generated, so you can keep focusing on blowing aliens away.

Bleak Sword- Little can be found about the premise behind Luis’ new game at the moment, although the creepy monochrome retro graphics and the fact that you have to engage in combat with horrific monsters like these do show how things are bleak and that you will have to use a prominent sword, meaning that at least it’s delivering what it promises so far. Notably, Devolver Digital has been retweeting a lot of the posts concerning this game…a sign of a partnership to come, maybe?

Felix the Reaper- Yes, this is admittedly a bit of a vanilla pic compared to everything else here. But this week, we first saw the game in action for ourselves, and the immediate exclamation of “How the [BEEP] has this game NOT been getting coverage??” soon followed. So yeah, let’s see about remedying that ASAP, because a puzzler about a dancing agent of death that doubles as a romantic comedy definitely deserves more attention. Also, can you really resist a reaper as adorable as that?

Strikers Edge- Engage in a medieval form of dodgeball as you attempt to nail your opponents with spears, arrows, throwing axes, and the like. The protip up there also showcases some excellent multiplayer as well, bringing back memories of old-school arcade sports games, right down to the pixelated graphics. Another couch-based party classic for the indie scene, perhaps?

Rock of Ages 2- The twisted take on the likes of Sisyphus and Marble Madness returns as you end up rampaging through the likes of ancient Greece this time around (among other eras), complete with an art style that almost appears like we had another indie game crossover and Rock of Ages somehow collided with Apotheon. In all seriousness, this looks like it’s shaping up to be an amazing sequel, through one might worry if those anvil-studded critters may be to cute to squash.

Knights and Bikes- Because when you’re out on a Goonies-style adventure to discover the truth behind your home island’s secrets, why NOT stop by the local mini-golf course along the way? Although given that the setting of Penfurzy here is meant to be a tourist attraction, this actually makes quite a bit of sense, adding a perfect touch that give this world some more personality. Throw in some Secret of Mana-inspired gameplay, a terrific art style, some magical realism, and a story with a sense of humor, and you definitely have the makings of a winner here.

My Friend Pedro- Play as a hitman and perform loads of fancy acrobatics to dispose of enemies in the most stylish and creative ways possible, all while taking orders from a talking banana. And now you can pick off some enemies in sewer as well, which, given the main character’s sick moves, hopefully leads to at least one “Ninja Rap” reference.

Manifest 99- Experience a story about finding redemption in the afterlife in this VR adventure aboard a mysterious train where you help others reach the conclusions to their journeys as well. Judging by the scenery here, though, we’re going to be visiting some dark histories along the way, contrasted with an art style featuring several wide-eyed cartoon creatures. Creepy stuff indeed, and eye-catching as well.

Virgo Vs The Zodiac- Well, we’ve seen more than a few games where you massacre gods and legendary mythical creatures, so why not go after the zodiac now as well? So here’s a turn-based RPG where you try to help Virgo bring back the Golden Age as they journey through cosmic realms such as these (Taurus, possibly, given the horns on those statues?), complete with a snazzy 8-bit look for good measure.

Figment- Given that this is a musical action-adventure game, it seems rather appropriate that the developers promote the game with a little bit of the Beach Boys, even if the game’s surreal, hand-drawn backgrounds arguably evoke something more akin to the likes of prog rock. But this is meant to represent the twisted insides of a person’s mind…meaning that this particular individual will now have “Surfin’ U.S.A.” stuck in their head for the longest time now.

The Iron Oath- A tactical fantasy RPG where you manage a roster of adventurers across several generations while making several important decisions in the heat of battle and you haven’t paid any attention because you’re still distracted by those jaw-dropping graphics with a ton of detail, aren’t you? Well, can’t blame you. The Ion Oath’s Kickstarter campaign begins on August 9, so we’ll learn more about this tantalizing and ambitious game soon.

Original Journey- A unique sci-fi action-RPG due out in less then two weeks from now, featuring a rather striking hand-drawn art style that accompanies the Ato army as they attempting to save their dying world by gathering the energy from Planet Shadow. Just don’t get too distracted by the graphics, lest you make the kinds of mistakes seen above.

Jenny LeClue- A point-and-click adventure game framed as an entry in a fictional series of popular books for kids, where our title character has to help clear their mother’s name after they’ve been framed for murder. As seen above, you’ll be uncovering a few metaphorical (and possibly literal) skeletons along the way in several places, which are all created through methods like these in a little behind-the-scenes glimpse showing how some impressive locations are made for this game.

RICO- A procedurally generated co-op first-person shooter that’s an ode to modern action films, with notable inspiration being drawn from the buddy cop subgenre, right down to being tasked with a 24-hour time limit to crack the big case. Hopefully, this means that any between-level cutscenes include a desk-thumping chief who keeps calling you a loose cannon (but also ackowledges that, dammit, you also get results), but if this screenshot is any indication, at least we’ll have bullet time.

The Lost Bear- How can you pull off a fully 2D platformer in virtual reality? How about having the game presented on a stage a la Dynamite Headdy or Puppeteer, and then have you control the action as a spectator in an audience of one? Quite the unique twist, to say the least. As you guide a young girl named Walnut on her quest to rescue her teddy bear from the evil Toy Snatcher, the scenery changes around you to reflect the story. The Lost Bear is due out as a PSVR exclusive this month, and should definitely prove to be interesting.

Ruya- Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, along comes a game like this, which bills itself as a combo of a meditative puzzle game and a sleep aid for insomnia. How it works is that while you match characters up to form shapes, the calming graphics and backgrounds shown as you grow flowers on the titular Ruya’s branches are combined with the binaural beats and ambient soundtrack in order to calm you down and help get you to sleep. Considering the odds that we’ll be up until four in the morning playing a few major games coming later this year, we could probably use something like this.

Omega Strike- And finally, let’s close on some good old-fashioned 16-bit metroidvania action where Contra-style soldiers take down mad scientists. Dodge rolls 4 life!!