AM2R Creator Joins Ori Developer Moon Studios

Prior to Nintendo’s almighty one-two of Metroid news during this year’s E3, fans were eager for anything pertaining to the beloved series and equal-measure frustrated at the supposed treatment by its creators Nintendo. Project AM2R, as a result, quickly gained a following online for its faithful 16-bit remake of the Game Boy sequel, Metroid 2: Return of Samus. But shortly after its release as a free, fan-made project, Nintendo were quick to throw a cease-and-desist at its creators and the project was immediately shut down thereafter — followed afterwards by a forced removal of the game from last year’s Game Awards list of nominees for best fan project.

Fortunately, one of AM2R’s creators, Argentina-based Milton Guasti, has had a recent upturn in fortune as he explains he’s been snapped up and hired by Moon Studios, the developer behind the acclaimed 2015 Metroidvania, Ori and the Blind Forest. Guasti explains in a recent tweet that he’ll be working on level design for the game’s sequel, Ori and the Will of the Wisps. The sequel will be coming to Xbox One & PC at an unspecified date.