Atari Announces Llamasoft’s Tempest 4000

The journey to Tempest 4000 has been a long and slightly bumpy one.  Tempest 2000 originally launched on the Jaguar and brought Llamasoft to the attention of the console market.  Tempest 3000 was on the Nuon, and um… yeah.  It was a great game, but sometimes that’s not enough.  TxK was Llamasoft’s return to its flagship series and set the Vita on techno-neon fire, but the company that is now Atari had a few opinions on the similarity to the series it owns the rights to so, after some unpleasant legal issues, it never escaped onto other consoles.  That’s finally about to end, though, with the two companies having found a way to work together to make more Tempest-y goodness.  Atari has a series that, while created by Dave Theurer, has come to be defined by the Llamasoft style, and Llamasoft has a game it knows inside and out and can create better than anyone.  In the same way Game of Thrones is defined by George RR Martin, Tempest is now Llamasoft, so the only way for the series to progress is for the two to work together.  After a few months of hints, it’s finally officially on the way.

Or rather, maybe it is.  Tempest 4000 has a few questions left unanswered, such as “how much TxK is in here?”  With the release being “holiday 2017” there’s plenty of time for updates, but 100 levels across three game modes of Standard, Pure and Endurance plus accompanying soundtrack sound fairly familiar.  The official press release basically bends over backwards to not say “TxK,” but if everyone is playing nice with smiles staple-gunned to their faces the end result is still a new Tempest, so politely ignoring the Vita game seems to be the way to go for now.  The new game is Tempest 4000, created by Llamasoft and published by Atari, and whatever may be in there, it’s going to be one hell of a fast-paced neon-lit techno particle explosion.