Gundam Versus Western Open Beta Hits in September

It’s been a long time coming, but the mecha crossover battle title, Gundam Versus, is finally hitting Western shores next month. Fortunately for anyone who is just raring to go, on the fence, or just didn’t feel like importing, the Gundam Versus Open Beta is launching and running from September 2, through September 3. To be more specific, the Open Beta starts at 12 am PDT on September 2, and will run until 12 am PDT September 4. This Beta will include access to 94 playable mobile suits, all Striker assist units, and both online and offline modes. Perhaps most importantly, the Open Beta is available for pre-load starting Tuesday, August 29. Finally, to confirm for non-PlayStation Plus subscribers: the Open Beta’s online modes do not require a PS Plus subscription.

For those interested in the current meta, and who some the best Gundam Versus players in the world are at this time, check out the EVO Top 8 Finals video below. Gundam Versus is a PlayStation 4 exclusive and it’s out September 29.