Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 is Out Now

For those interested in playing that one game series that put platforming, shooting, upgrade-eating, child-sized heroes on the map before popular video games had 3D models, the second Mega Man Legacy Collection is out now. Containing the last four numbered, original Mega Man games, the second Legacy Collection may be look a bit sparse, but the core and essential parts of the package are present. Frankly, it may not be a majority of people who are stoked to hop back into a game that looks like it could run inside Minecraft. However, for those interested in understanding the charm, challenge, and raw tenants of fun game design before tutorial sections existed, frame-rates were anyone’s concern, or having a bow in a gunfight was normal, it may be a good exercise to delve into the Mega Man Legacy Collection. As for those who already love what they’re getting, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 is here.

See a launch trailer below. Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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