Friday is Night Trap and The Bunker, Next Has Week N++, From Limited Run Games

Limited Run Games has been having one major week after another lately and it’s not stopping soon.  Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap had an availability measured in seconds, and both Oceanhorn and Jotun didn’t fare much better.  Tomorrow, though, is Night Trap, and the odds of it being a repeat performance of Wonder Boy are pretty high.  The cult-classic Sega CD hit has been remastered in proper HD resolution, bringing its 90s-era cheesiness into the modern age while somehow enhancing the ridiculousness of it all.  Night Trap releases alongside The Bunker, an FMV game that’s actually a bit less than a year old.  Night Trap gets a 5,000 copy print run for the regular version, another 3,000 Collector’s Editions, and a big-box PC version at 2,500, while The Bunker clocks in at 3,700 copies.  For fans wanting all of tomorrow’s releases there’s a mega-pack that includes absolutely everything, making for a one-click shopping experience if you’ve got the $210 to cover it.

Next week is going to be another big one, though, with N++ announced today.  The phenomenal ninja-platformer comes with a 44-page full-color instruction manual plus fold-out poster, although seeing as the Ultimate update isn’t out on PS4 yet it unfortunately won’t be on the disc.  N++ will be joined by Lili, a pretty (if short) adventure/RPG.  N++ hasn’t had its print run revealed yet but Lili has a regular edition at 2,900 copies and Limited (which feels redundant) at 1,900.

Both Night Trap and N++ have very strong fan bases, so the odds of selling fast are very high.  Limited Run Games has tossed up a Buying Guide with some tips on getting your order in fast, although hopefully the stock estimation will get better in the coming months for longer availability.  Things had been calming down nicely in June and July, with games selling out over a day or two, but recent releases have been an absolute madhouse of frenzied ordering.  The short version of the guide is show up early, be logged in to everything in advance, and don’t forget the 6PM release.  Good luck!