Absolver Shows Off Its Character Customization in New Trailer

Sloclap and Devolver Digital’s upcoming brawler Absolver has certainly shown how deep it can get with the level of combat in its previous gameplay clips, emphasizing that finesse will be required to be the best fighter possible. But as the release date for the game approaches, now they’ve released a trailer showing off their character customization, which you can check out below. As it turns out, there’s some depth to even this part as well.

Aside from also doing a bit of world-building when it comes to the absolvers themselves, the clip shows off how the gear you unlock in various ways has different statistics such as weight and defensive parameters that can have an effect on your character. As such, you can customize which clothing and armor would best suit your fighting style, making for a more efficient scrapper. Absolver is still shaping up to be one this year’s most intriguing titles, and we’ll just see how this level of customization plays out when Absolver comes out for the PC and PS4 on August 29.