Screenshot Saturday Featuring Obra Dinn, Roguemance, Many More

Screenshot Saturday is a day to remind yourself that the events in the news aren’t all that happens in the world.  That no matter how depressing or demoralizing it gets, people are creating things in a never-ending process that makes the world a bit better, even if only a little.  There’s a huge amount of effort poured into making games with the end result being to make people happy, and Screenshot Saturday shows off a little of it every week.  This feature is a selection from the huge list of everything, and there’s plenty more back at the source.  When things look like they’re spinning out of hand it helps to know that people won’t stop trying to make the world a little better with the things only they can create.

Return of the Obra Dinn- The Obra Dinn left port in 1802, and that was the last anyone saw of it until the ship drifted back home in 1807.  As an investigator with a pocket watch that lets you see people’s deaths, try to piece together the mystery of what happened in the intervening years.  There’s been a lot of work done since the 2016 demo, as explained in the link in the tweet.

Eternal Winter-  Survive in cold, harsh conditions running a research expedition, hunting for food while trying to avoid overdoing it and throwing off the ecosystem, and surviving the worst storms an angry endless winter throws your way.

Unnamed-  The answer to the question of “can a racer have too many colors in it” is no, no it cannot.

Tracks- Build a wooden track for wooden train to deliver simple wooden passengers to model train stations. I’m not actually trying to feature this every week but it’s quite possibly one of the most adorable things ever.

Vulpine- Well-armed animals survive in a world crawling with monsters and other dangerous wildlife. Like in any good adventure, merchants have a nice selection of supplies available, but seeing as it’s a cat-merchant it’s hard to say what level of customer service can be expected.  It will most likely ignore you until you walk away, then demand all your attention for all of five seconds before deciding it’s had enough.

Zniw Adventure- 2D point & click animated adventure about a dinosaur trying to get home again after being separated from her family. She’s a cartoon dinosaur, not Land Before Time-style but closer to Rocko’s Modern Life. Her head makes that influence obvious but in full-body shots she’s much more her own character.

Roguemance- Every enemy is a date, every enemy is a relationship issue. Fight with your partner (co-operatively, for the most part) to overcome your differences, defeating horrible creatures like Money, Yelling, or the dreaded Blue Balls.

Unnamed- Some type of driving game through an oppressively bleak, rainy landscape. It’s possible this area is fit for human residency when the sun is out, but only barely.

Devil Engine- Horizontal shooter with a classic-styled weapon for the player and very nice sprite effects. There’s a touch of bullet-hell in the enemy attacks, but what’s been shown off so far keeps it reigned in, with enemies aiming at the player more often than spamming the screen.

Mugsters-  Vehicle-based low-poly action where you try to save people while being on the run from the alien captors.  The main game is all about puzzling out the best way to attack each level, but you can also have fun by seeing what kinds of trouble you can get up to along the way.

PS1 Throwbacks- A four-pack of redesigned PS1 covers.  The Metal Gear Solid one is a particular favorite due to the way it references the old magazine ad for the NES Metal Gear.

Outerkosmos-  1960’s sci-fi tech gets a workout as you build a space station to call home, then explore a solar system to see what it’s got.  This one is still fairly early, so info is light, but it’s got some very nice planets kicking around their orbits.

Unnamed-  Super-early but with some fun AI in place.  It’s too soon to say where this is going but between Weeping Angel enemy and the smoke monsters shown elsewhere, there should be some fun fights ahead.

Phogs-  Multiplayer co-op game where each player controls one side of a two-headed dog, working together to clear traps and obstacles along the way.  It’s a little bit Snake Pass, a little Noby Noby Boy.

Bonus Image

Baron Galaxy- This entire week from start to finish in handy .gif format.