Bandai Namco Teases Out New Game “Projekt 1514”

Today Bandai Namco released a true teaser of a trailer announcing their new game Projekt 1514 (as it stands for now), and that’s the majority of what’s known.

The trailer opens to a drab cityscape with the sounds of echoing gunfire heard in the distance. Where it’s exactly coming from isn’t clear, as more city/building shots slowly shift from screen to screen. The developer of Projekt 1514 is revealed to be DIMPS, the team behind Dragon Ball Xenoverse series, they also worked on PS Vita exclusive Freedom Wars. Knowing they worked on Freedom Wars gives a bit more pause to thought on what Projekt 1514 could be, but both DBX and Freedom Wars are distinctly different from the looks of Projekt 1514, so who knows?

The trailer leaves many questions to be answered and it probably won’t be long before Bandai Namco answers they very questions left lingering. Check out the teaser below, seeing that’s all there is at the moment: