Gigantic Receives a Major Update

Motiga’s free to play action title, Gigantic, has been doing alright for itself. Anecdotally speaking, I’ve been seeing more and more people give it a whirl and come away impressed with the art style and match structure. There’s also been comments regarding improvements that can be made. The developer has heard the suggestions, and have added a couple in their first major update since the full launch.

First up is the new push to talk feature. The idea is pretty self explanatory, and can be toggled in the options, but heavy breathers no longer need inflict themselves on their team while playing. Instead, they can just press a button to communicate needed info and lay off of it to wheeze on, leaving everyone else in peace. (I may have had to deal with too many of these people in my gaming life.)

This update also sees the reintroduction of the Creature Gestation system, “which promotes greater strategy at higher levels of play by giving players a window to attack and counter enemy creatures while they are still vulnerable.” Also on deck are custom lobbies, so pre-made teams can face off without needing to jump into the general pool.

Finally, Motiga has added a new hero to take into battle. Oru is a fortune teller that’s designed for mid-range combat and crowd control. Releasing alongside three new skins, this hero will add in a fresh wrinkle to an already unique style of game mechanics. Check out his video below to learn more.