Shooty Fruity Combines Gunslinging Actions and Grocery Store Mundanity

Shooty Fruity is a PlayStation VR arcade shooter where you take out attacking fruit monsters while trying to check people out of the grocery store that you’re in. The game was announced via a trailer on the PlayStation YouTube channel.

The whole thing starts out quite peacefully — just taking items, scanning them through, and sending them down the belt to get bagged. But then in an instant, a robo-arm comes out of nowhere to give you a gun, and evil little fruits with faces and big teeth are coming at you. It’s a pretty hilarious concept on it’s own, but on top of it, there’s also a monotone person on the P.A. system that is giving you “constructive” instructions on how to kill the killer fruit. Oh, and while all this is going on, regular food is still coming down for you to scan. It’s all pretty ridiculous, and you can check it out for yourself down below.

Shooty Fruity is set for a “Late 2017” release date on PlayStation VR. For more on Shooty Fruity or developer nDreams, you can head over to their website.