Nine Parchments Introduces Its Characters in New Clip

As mentioned back when it was being announced for the Switch, Frozenbyte’s upcoming fantasy shooter Nine Parchments focuses on a rag-tag group of drop-out wizard apprentices as they attempt to find the titular parchments for an easy way to hone their craft. And now we have a new video giving us our first introduction to this motley crew we’ll be playing as, which you can check out below.

It is indeed a brief clip, but it gives us an initial glimpse at the personalities of our cast of eight various heroes, including silent masked strangers and walking clockwork owls that look like an anthropomorphic version of Bubo. But the final hero is a bit of a surprise, as it’s none other than Amadeus, the wizard from Frozenbyte’s popular Trine games. So how will he and the others fare when placed into the world of a twin-stick shooter? We’ll see when Nine Parchments comes out for PC and all major home consoles later this year.