Digital Extremes Reveals Their Latest Shooter, The Amazing Eternals

You have to wonder how Canadian developers Digital Extremes would be able to top a game such as their free-to-play online shooter Warframe, given the massive fanbase that it has accumulated over the years since its release. But just recently, they’ve revealed what may very well be their next hit in the FTP competitive shooter area, The Amazing Eternals. Taking inspiration from 1970s pulp visuals, comics, and iconography, this new FPS (formerly codenamed Keystone) definitely grabs one’s attention, as you can see from the debut video below.

Set in the world of a magical board game that you and your friends enter in a Jumanji-esque fashion, The Amazing Eternals is designed to be a unique take on hero shooters, mixing in deck-building elements to determine the skills and weapons your Eternal has access to in each match. And much like Warframe, the game will have a Founders Program that you can sign up for on the game’s official site which can allow you to collaborate with the development team, earn in-game gear, have instant access to the Closed Beta, and other perks. The Amazing Eternals will be making its public debut at PAX West next month if you want to check it out there as well, and stay tuned for more information on and impressions of the game as things develop.