Elgato Releases Portable Green Screen and Cam Link

Best known for their capture capabilities, Elgato has released two new products that will help content creators increase their production values for a fraction of the cost it normally would.

“We see user-generated content as the future of mainstream video entertainment, and want to empower creators with the full suite of tools they need to produce high-quality content,” said Julian Fest, General Manager of Elgato Gaming. “Cam Link and Green Screen are both affordable and easy to use, and make it possible for anyone to elevate their videos and livestreams to professional broadcast standards.”

Firstly, the portable green screen is a collapsible chroma key panel slider that will ensure there are no wrinkles in your background. It may be a heavy 9.8kg, but it’s still a incredibly portable green screen that rolls up in a container and easily stored & extended. It should allow creators to roll out and begin streaming in no time for the price of $149.99.

Second is the Cam Link. This small USB device allows you to plug in any camera or camcorder via USB converter and make it work as a webcam. This is normally hundreds of dollars to covert, but Elgato is making it easy with a fraction of the price sitting at $129.99.

Both of these devices are available today through Elgato’s store.