Is Xbox One X Getting a Special ‘Day One’ Edition?

Xbox One X is out November 7, and it might be getting a very special Day One Edition.

Xbox One X was known as Project Scorpio for over a year before it received it’s official title at E3 2017. During that time, Project Scorpio had grown on people, and many around the internet were sad to see that name go. Well, if true, then it appears Microsoft will honor the codename with an upcoming Day One Edition of Xbox One X.

Listings for a Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition were accidentally put on two German websites, and were quickly taken down. was able to grab a screenshot of the listing alongside pics of the console and special controller. Based on the pics, it looks like the major differentiation between this edition and a normal model is the inclusion of ‘Project Scorpio’ branding on the console and controller. There also appears to be a slight difference to the texture on the console.

While we should take this with a grain of salt until Microsoft makes an announcement, this looks legit. Not only do we have the listing, but also the pics of the console and controller. Microsoft has also done this before, launching a Day One Edition of the Xbox One in 2013. Like this Project Scorpio Edition, the Xbox One Day One Edition also featured unique branding on the controller, but not the console.

Expect to hear more about Xbox One X next week during Gamescom. It is highly believed that the upgraded console will finally be made available for pre-order at the event.