Planet of the Apes: Lost Frontier Announced, Releases this Fall

Last month saw the wrap up to the prequel trilogy of Planet of the Apes films, but for those craving more, a spin-off adventure game has been revealed that is set for release in the next few months.

As shown off in the reveal trailer below, Planet of the Apes: Lost Frontier takes place in-between the second and third movies of the prequel trilogy, and allows players to experience both sides of the conflict. The narrative title is being developed by The Imaginarium Studios, which, in addition to helping with the motion capture in titles such as Battlefield 1 and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, was actually co-founded by Andy Serkis, the actor who portrayed Caesar in the Planet of the Apes films.

Planet of the Apes: Lost Frontier will premiere on PS4, Xbox One and PC this Fall.