Family-Focused Roguelike Children of Morta Heads to 11 Bit Studios

11 bit Studios have had quite the eye for promising pixelated games recently, publishing the likes of Moonlighter, Beat Cop, and Tower 57. And now they’re adding another anticipated retro-styled title to their lineup, Dead Mage’s hack-and-slash roguelike Children of Morta. Having already made an impressive showing on Kickstarter a while back, 11 bit will now be helping to publish the game and increase its audience even further, starting with a new gameplay trailer accompanying this announcement that you can see below.

Playing as the Bergson family, the guardians of Mount Morta, you’ll take control of various members of the clan as they attempt to fight a spread of corruption that has infested the mountain with all kinds of monsters. As you may have expected, there’s a heavy focus on familial ties here, with each family member not only playing differently, but also having their own quests and histories to discover. So between intense action, a narrative with an emotional core, and some amazing hi-bit graphics, Children of Morta looks like it may easily be a winner when in comes out in the first half of 2018 for PC, XB1, and PS4.