NBA 2K18 Details are Revealed for MyTeam

A big focus in sports games the past few years have been the card games. Collecting and upgrading cards to build a team have added a different element to sports games. 2K has had MyTEAM, and the latest developers blog, the team details what has been added for NBA 2K18. The mode will deliver on two of the biggest fan requests: : Pack & Playoffs (pack draft mode) & Super Max (salary cap and season gameplay to online competition). The developers state they wanted to integrate a draft for the mode, so they will be accomplishing this in NBA 2K18. Players will select a coach then draft the best lineup to cater to that system. From there, players will compete in 5-on-5 action for four rounds leading up to the Finals. The teams will be optimized based on eight different systems. This will all be accomplished by opening packs and picking players.

The other big improvement will stem from MyTEAM Super Max. The focus is to address the online competition to keep things fresh and evenly matched via the inclusion of a salary cap. It will include a system where a card’s cap value will be based on how often it is used. The idea will be to balance out superstars with role-players while banking on landing a hidden gem. Check out the blog for complete details and check out NBA 2K18 on September 19.