ReCore Getting Its Own Definitive Edition, Releasing End of August

As refreshing as it was to see a new IP landing on the Xbox platform, there’s no denying that Comcept & Aramature Studio’s action-adventure platformer, ReCore, was met with a fairly mixed-to-average reaction across the board, pertaining to both the design and technical side of what was offered. And after some rumors and online speculation as to its existence, Microsoft have officially confirmed that ReCore will indeed be getting its own Definitive Edition — a little under a year since it was released in September of last year.

The Definitive Edition will support up to 4K resolution but also comes bundled with the new “Eye of Obsidian” adventure as well as a new corebot companion in the form of T8-NK. For those interested in giving the game another go — or for those who hadn’t tried it out before and are curious — you won’t have to wait long, as the game will be available August 29 on Xbox One & Windows 10 PC’s. Check out the Definitive Edition’s 4K trailer below.