Mothergunship Invites You to Join The Resistance in Its Latest Trailer

So the blend of first-person shooters and bullet hell intensity that is Mothergunship looks to be quite appealing so far, with developer Joe Mirabello following up Tower of Guns with even more intense action. But in case you need a little bit more flavor concerning this game’s world, then we have a new trailer that was released today, taking the form of a broadcast extolling the virtues of the Resistance that’s fighting off this invasion of robotic aliens. Would you like to know more?

As seen in the new clip below, you’ll be able to try and make it through the game’s randomly generated levels using an assortment of insane guns you can craft. Of course, the bad news is that these levels are populated by huge assortments of enemies that also have access to the same kind of insane weaponry. Also, your Resistance co-workers include walking, talking frogs, because why not? Mothergunship is due out for PC, PS4, and XB1 later on, so make sure not to miss out on this bit of overwhelming action.