ARMS Introduces Its Latest Character, Lola Pop

Well, following up on the mystery tweet from last week, ARMS has now officially announced the latest character that will be added to their already quirky roster, Lola Pop. And given the game’s concept of characters fighting with stretched out arms in a comical fashion, you would have thought that a clown-themed character or one attacking with taffy/candy arms would have been something obvious we could predict, but then the devs surprise us by combining the two into one, as seen in the announcement trailer below.

Brawling in a sweets-themed Italian piazza, we get to see Lola dueling with her nunchucks, vision-obstructing bombs, and electric shields, as well as the skill to inflate herself in order to absorb enemy blows (because those parachute pants aren’t just for show). Lola looks like a fun defensive character to play as, and she’ll appear with ARMS’ third major update. When that will be is unknown right now, but we’ll keep you informed when the time comes, so stay tuned.