Splatoon 2 Update Adds New Stages, Special in the Coming Week

Splatoon 2 has been keeping fans at the ready thanks to the return of Splatfests and all kinds of new content. Now, we can expect more exciting additions to come very soon. A Gamescom video revealed stages and a special weapon are coming within a week.

Starting tomorrow, August 23, a new map for Salmon Run is being added. Lost Outpost features an abandoned building which pretty much serves as your base of operations. Defend each side from the invading enemies is going to be much more difficult than you think. Walls block your view of the threat, so there could be hundreds out there! You will definitely need to visit this place often to get the hang of it which is perfect because it gets added to the rotation for future gameplay starting tomorrow.

The Manta Maria stage comes Saturday, August 26, for Turf War and Ranked modes. It is a ship featuring three large masts. These provide a bit of a crow’s nest for snipers to use. Walking around other areas of the stage look to be quite narrow but there is much area to cover. Since Manta Maria is an aquatic vessel, it is docked in a body of water which means Inklings must be careful not to jump off the sides to their impending doom. Also, kind of clever the name is a play on words involving the Christopher Columbus ship, Santa Maria.

Finally, the new Special weapon being added is the Bubble Blower. We got a glimpse of this in the past but new details have come about. You’ll get to release three huge ink bubbles which can then be popped. If your team hits one, they explode causing damage and covering turf. However, if opponents attack them then they disappear and nothing happens. There will be a of strategic thinking when it comes to using the Bubble Blower as it is set to arrive on Saturday, September 2, which is just in time for the next Splatfest.

Content keeps on coming for Splatoon 2 players as it follows the previous title’s constant free updates. Keep an eye out for any other announcements here and check out the video below to see more of what has already been revealed.