Catch A Glimpse of Yoku’s Island Express in Latest Trailer

As nice as it is to play through another set of competent and perhaps challenging platformers from time to time, what makes it more enjoyable to explore the genre is to find a game now and again that aims to add a sprinkle of added charm and intrigue with its gameplay mechanics. And Yoku’s Island Express certainly fits both criteria with its own take on 2D platforming — combining the challenge of pinball with Metroidvania-esque exploration to tell the tale of the titular dung beetle, Yoku, as he makes his way through the World of Mokumana Island as a humble postman.

An odd combination of concepts sure, but if the latest trailer below is any indication, Team17’s own spin on the genre may well be one upcoming platformer to look out for. Yoku’s Island Express will be available across PS4, Xbox One, PC & Switch some time next year.