Learn of the Ambiguity of Holes in Donut County Trailer

What is a hole?  It’s a thing defined by the absence it creates in the place it resides.  Donut County has a worrying number of absences growing bigger and hungrier, slowly tearing the place apart, but it’s ok because you’re the hole and devouring everything you can is the point.  The basic progression is 1) Eat something then 2) Grow bigger, like a negative-space katamari.  Unlike a katamari, though, you sometimes need to chuck things back out again or consume items in a specific order to combine them, solving environmental puzzles along the way.  There’s also the mystery of what the hole is and why it’s chowing down on the county, but that’s to be revealed as the game progresses.  The only clue is that Mira, the girl who works at the donut shop, started it, which doesn’t seem like the kind of action that’s going to endear her to the community.  It’s all a bit of a mess, but as the hole you get to make the situation worse so maybe it will all work out fine in the end.