Dishonored 2 Digital Funko Pop!s Available on Quidd

Huge fans of the Dishonored series can now collect digital versions of figures using Quidd. The team up between Funko, Quidd, and Bethesda makes all this possible. Now, you can find a few different characters from the game on the app to include as part of your set!

You won’t be able to use any teleport, embody a rat, or have any other cool powers. But, getting your hands on a digital Pop! is still just as fun. There are five in total to find. The Outsider, Emily Kaldwin, Corvo Attano, Masked Emily and Masked Corvo have been released. Hopefully you are lucky enough to pick one up, otherwise you’ll have to hit up the trade section.

Download Quidd from the Google Play Store or iTunes to get started. They are based on Dishonored 2 but at least some appear in the first game. They may just be digitalized versions of the toys but it’s still worth fighting for!