Longzhu Gaming Win the LCK Final Over SKT T1

Longzhu Gaming completes their Summer Split with an LCK Summer Finals victory over SKT T1 to qualify for Worlds.

Last week we all got to see SKT T1 beat KT Rolster in a reverse sweep. They completely dominated KT after Game 2 and for a moment it looked like they were poised to do it again. Longzhu also came out to a 2-0 lead, but after losing Game 3 they bounced back and beat SKT T1 easily in Game 4.

Longzhu built a huge lead in Game four after targeting Huni in the top lane after he was subbed in for Game 3. Game 3 we saw Huni output the most damage on his team en route to an easy win and the belief that they could reverse sweep again. Longzhu shut that down by picking Jayce in the top lane for Khan and targeting Huni all throughout laning. Khan also took home the Finals MVP honors for dominating all series long.

On the plus side for SKT ¬†fans I’m pretty sure they still qualified for Worlds after their win last week on Championship Points.