Cats Are Broken, Fix Them in Cat Sorter VR

If the three scampering creatures running around my place are any indication, all cats are defective. I swear, when the wife and I leave the place, they have Splatoon like contests to see who can cover the most surface area with hairballs. Developer Pawmingo Games has taken it upon themselves to show that it could be so much worse with their game Cat Sorter VR. In it, the player takes the role of a quality control employee at a cat factory, which must be simultaneously the cuddliest place to work, as well as the one with the most worker’s compensation claims for severe lacerations.

The player mans a conveyor belt with a continuing stream of defective kitties to repair. Some have shark fins, others might have lobster claws and still more will be sporting vampire fangs. There will be other poorly installed parts with which to contend, and the player must swap out the correct parts and sort them quickly as the line will never stop coming. It’s pretty weird.

Anyhow, this game has just launched for Steam and Viveport, with a thirteen dollar asking price. A launch discount is currently in effect, knocking it down to ten. To get a look at the game in action, check out the trailer below. While you’re down there, could you get that hairball?