Here Comes a New Challenger- Strictly Limited Games

Limited Run Games started something when Breach & Clear hit the collector’s market.  Physical gaming had been slowly evaporating over time, and by releasing smaller titles in limited batches it was possible to both cater to fans and collectors, or better yet people who are both.  Whether by luck, careful observation of the market, treating fans the same way they’d want to be treated, or a solid combination of the three, Limited Run Games found the right combination of games, hype, and communication to keep selling out one title after another, although admitted some took a whole weekend while others lasted seconds.  This inspired copycats such as Signature Edition Games, EastAsiaSoft, Special Reserve Games, and even VBlank (which beat LRG to small-press gaming a couple of years in advance with Retro City Rampage) to try their hand at it.  Some publishers work the beat better than others, but good competition is a sign of a healthy market.

The latest publisher to join the crowd is Strictly Limited Games, and it’s going about it in a highly promising way- one game a month with extras such as a soundtrack included.  The first game will be Tokyo 42, which was a particularly attractive isometric game of cyberpunk assassination that reviewed just barely adequately.  There’s not much to go on other than this, with the October release not having a specific date, details about the extras it comes with and the print run being undisclosed, pricing a mystery, and any future titles yet to be announced.  There’s one other major question to ask as well, which is that of shipping.  The publisher is based in Germany, which can add a nice chunk of change to the overall cost, so it’s possible this may only be a realistic option for European fans.  There’s a lot left to find out, but the few details so far make Strictly Limited Games a potential contender in the world of small press publishing that’s worth keeping an eye on, just in case.