Project Cars 2 Introduces Competitive Racing License

With the increase of online and e-sports racing, serious drivers want a shot to be competitive. There are too many racing games in the past where people get on the track and ruin an entire race. Polyphony Digital is implementing a ratings system into Gran Turismo Sport to offer the best competition per racer. Today, Slightly Mad Studios announced it will be doing something similar with its upcoming Project Cars 2. The Competitive Racing License will be a game-changer to the racing experience online. It has been created to give users the type of competition they deserve, whether it be a wreckfest or a true grand prix. It will track three main groups: safety, strength, and experience.

The safety portion of the license will focus on the reputation for being safe on the track. If you cause a bunch of accidents or can’t stay on the track, you won’t be racing with the best. The strength portion focuses on the ability to handle different classes of cars. Lastly, experience tracks professional driver ability and can be viewed in your network profile. Reputation and strength will have the largest impact on who you compete with online. Lobbies can specify certain driver levels to choose. The three consequences involved in the license addition involves a greatly enhanced e-sports experience, a powerful and effective matchmaking tool, and the online reputation component can track bad behavior. This will allow for the serious racers to prove themselves without having the concern of a car coming across the track for no other reason than that person’s personal enjoyment.