Answer the Call to Pokkén Tournament DX with Latest Commercial

Pokkén Tournament was pretty fun and ended working out well on the competitive scene. With the success of its Wii U and arcade versions, comes a combination of the two with all kinds of new features. Pokkén Tournament DX is the best you can get when it comes to a Pokémon fighting game! Additional battle modes and online play give it an extra edge.

The latest commercial to promote the game shows off how perfect its multiplayer action can be. We see college students just hanging out in dorms enjoying a few rounds against one another. The Switch’s size and portability makes it perfect for smaller spaces. Grab it and go over to a friend’s room so you can compete wherever you want. Fans of the Pokémon franchise who wish to duke it out in a non-traditional way will welcome this to their library of Switch titles.

Pokkén Tournament DX launches on September 22. Check out the commercial below to see how much fun it can be!