Screenshot Saturday Featuring High Hell, Woodbound, Many More

With both Labor Day and PAX West dominating the weekend you’d think Screenshot Saturday would calm down.  This is not a thing that actually happens.  Like every week there’s far more fantastic games being shown off than is practical to view, so this feature trims it down to a dozen-ish plus a bonus image.  Admitted, that leaves far too much behind, unrecognized despite how great so much of it looks, but the problem with featuring everything is that it’s not actually possible.  As it turns out, everything is a very large amount.  Everything is also animated, because “screenshot” no longer means what it used to, so click away to see all it’s got to offer.

Crystals and Curses- Puzzle game about lining up the gems on a board to turn them all white. It’s a bit early for more details yet but it seems unlikely that a mere round of gem-breaking is going to stop Mr Pinch from dominating any board he sets his mind to clearing.

Lucifer’s Mask- Action/platform/flying-runner with a striking art style designed specifically for Gear VR. Help Lucifer tear through fifteen levels on a quest to create an afterlife. Maybe not a nice place to visit, but he calls it home.

Unnamed- Just a deer chasing through the moody mists at the edge of a lake. He’s probably got a place to get to in a hurry with important deer-business to conduct on arrival.

The Waking Cloak- Pixel-y Zelda-like with an art style hovering between NES and SNES in color and detail. It’s a direct tribute to Zelda, looking at the series for inspiration in as many ways as possible, but creating its own identity within that influence.

Woodbound- Run a tribe in a lovely wooded world, assigning tasks and nurturing the community to build a working society in a land ruled by a demanding deity. Sacrifice your people or resist and deal with the consequences, but life in the wilds it already fairly complicated without an angry god making it worse.

Deceiver- It’s the end of the world but you’ve got spider-drones, so maybe it won’t be so bad after all. The little blue bug-bots are armed to the teeth, and you use them in multiplayer matches to eliminate their users and dominate the vector-style maps.

All the Hidden Corners- Adventure game on a weird train through the heart of Siberia to find the speaker of a language thought long extinct. The puzzles are about characters, learning who they are and how they think, gaining their trust to get clues to figure out whatever is that’s going on. Some passengers are weirder than others, though.

The Colonists- If the title isn’t a dead giveaway, this is a town-building game inspired by The Settlers (and others of the genre) except instead of a vaguely European landscape you get to set up on an alien planet that, somehow, looks surprisingly familiar. It’s got a great rocketship, though, and really cute robots, so maybe we can pretend the planet was pre-terraformed before they landed and not worry about it too much.

In-Verse-  Gravity-inverting teleport-based FPS.  This one is very early but has strong promise based on the idea of throwing enemies around and dropping them in lava by flipping the level back and forth.  It can’t be easy to maintain targeting on the player when the ceiling unexpectedly becomes the floor.

Running Voltgun- A little bit Sonic, a little Vectorman, probably some Gunstar Heroes, and something in me says Ristar too but I’m not sure why. Whatever games are in this one’s makeup, it’s the Genesis-iest thing to show up in a while.

Horizon Vanguard-  Hop on your VR hoverbike and shoot down everything in your path through a shooter that’s a cheerful throwback to the 90s arcade Sega.  Your left hand steers the bike while your right wields a powerful laser pistol, and enemies come at you from ground and sky.  There’s no reason to ever let up on the bike’s machine gun, creating a river of firepower to tear through the popcorn enemies, and the pistol is used for more careful targeting of the airborne hazards.

Unnamed-  A little helicopter-cannon shoots triangle-snakes that blow up in a series of rainbow explosions.  There’s probably more involved than just creating giant bursts of color, as evidenced by the pickups swarming into the cannon that seeming to fuel the orange-yellow diamond around it leading to the massive explosion midway through the animation.  Really, though, once you’ve got appropriate screenshake and massive explosions the work of selling a game is halfway done.

High Hell-  Fast action ultra-violent FPS about kicking your way into drug dens and divesting the cartel of its resources with unrelenting carnage and the occasional moment of incinerating fat stacks of cash.  Not shown in this clip are the brain-enhanced monkeys.  The big guys look tough but a smart monkey with a gun sounds like a serious problem.

Bonus Image

Sky Chasers-  And here we have a perfect example of “Have I put too much Awesome on the screen?”  99.9% of the time the answer is “No, not yet”, and this is not an example of the 0.01%.