Metroid: Samus Returns Web Commercial Shows Off Skills

Metroid has been a huge franchise for Nintendo since debuting on the NES back in 1986. Samus made her return in a GameBoy sequel a few years later. Now, Metroid: Samus Returns is the remastering of that game and has received new footage to get longtime fans excited.

We’ve learned a bit over the last few months about what new weaponry and skills Samus has gained. There is more to see in the latest video. It mixes new and old techniques together to take down alien foes. Melee hits, Grapple Beam, Spider Ball and more are in full action. Cutscenes for boss fights and attacks are also seen in pretty cool fashion. Everything looks to be just as fun now as it was in the 90’s. The same side-scrolling action promises to have fans going back and forth for such a blast!

Metroid: Samus Returns will become available on September 15 for the 3DS. View the video below to check out what to expect when getting your hands on it!