NA LCS Summer Split Grand Final Prediction: Team SoloMid vs Immortals

This is it. The last NA LCS Summer Split Champion will be crowned today and either way, history will be made.

My last prediction was literally the opposite of what I wanted to happen. That’s not important though, what is important is who will win today. If TSM win they’ll be the only team to have ever won the championship three times in a row. Also, if they win C9 punch a ticket to worlds by having 90 circuit points and IMT only gaining 70 from getting finishing in second place. If IMT wins they’ll be the first team outside TSM, C9 and CLG to ever win the championship and save themselves from the gauntlet. They’ll send C9 down in their stead.

So how do they win? Well, this one will hopefully be a classic. Today, we have two very strong team-oriented teams. I think the biggest separator between the two teams is their bot lanes. For IMT they Olleh and Cody Sun who have been shown great improvement since the Spring Split. They’ll have their work cut out for them because Doublelift is on the other side of their lane, Biofrost too. Bio hasn’t had his best split, but he’s still a gifted player alongside Double. That, and Double isn’t going to just concede late to these two. He wants to show they’re better and will definitely press to do that.

Pick and ban for these two teams will be incredibly interesting. What do you give up? Each lane and jungles are at the top of their game and can win their lane. The biggest discrepancy might be in mid lane, but don’t think that P.O.B. can’t go toe-to-toe with Bjergsen. During the regular season, they went 1-1 with both teams earning sweeps. The last victory went to TSM, but that was week 5. I expect both junglers to have a pretty heavy focus on mid lane and possibly top to get one of them an advantage.

This should, and hopefully will be, a great series. I’m hoping, predicting, wishing and praying that TSM can pull it off and gift C9 another Worlds appearance, but after the split that IMT and Xmithie have had I won’t be surprised if they pull it off. I think TSM take the series in 5.

  • Team SoloMid vs Immortals (3-2)