Pre-orders Available for Reimu Hakurei Nendoroid

Shoot down yokai enemies from the attacking of your own video game collectibles by adding the Reimu Hakurei Nendoroid figure. The Touhou Project series of shootem up, bullet hell games have been independently developed since its debut in 1996 and continues to enjoy success. Now, fans will get to include the main protagonist into their displays.

This particular product of Reimu is a revamped version. She looks super adorable in her shrine maiden ensemble. You receive three different face plates to switch between happiness and intensity. There are also a few props she can be posed with. A parasol, charm cards and more are included to let her protect Gensokyo from evil forces.

The figure can be pre-ordered from September 5 until October 5. However, it won’t be available to own until December. If you happened to pick it up at special events you can get a bonus platform shaped like a yin-yang. Check out all the images below to see what you’ll receive and visit the Good Smile website to place your order!