Destiny 2’s Nessus is Colorful, Vibrant, Dangerous

Our time with Destiny 2 did not stop with the European Dead Zone. During our time in Bellevue, we got to spend an ample amount of time running around another location, Nessus. This new world functions much like the European Dead Zone and contains all the same types of activities but in an entirely different environment.

Nessus is a planetoid and third area players will visit. Visually, the open area is probably the most beautiful environment Bungie has ever put together. The European Dead Zone may have been lush and filled with interesting architecture, but the vibrant use of color mixed with a nature-meets-machine motif puts Nessus ahead of the EDZ. Filled with towering trees decorated with a multitude of vibrantly colored leaves, waterfalls and roaring rivers of ‘Vex milk,’ Nessus is a beautiful area to explore.

It’s also an interesting area to explore. Heavily In the process of being converted by the Vex, Nessus features a level of verticality not seen before in an open area. All manner of Vex platforms dot the landscape and are available for players to use to better get around the environment. While the map may be smaller than the EDZ, there aren’t any long, winding roads to deal with, making Nessus a much better-paced area than the EDZ.

Failsafe is Nessus’ Faction Leader. A sentient AI whose entire crew died hundreds of years before Destiny 2, Failsafe brings a lot of charisma. She’s witty, funny and just crazy enough to be charming. After spending a few hours with Nessus, we began to wish that Failsafe would replace Ghost, who is mostly just a lame exposition machine in Destiny 2. Like Devrim Kay in the EDZ, Failsafe serves as the area’s vendor. Players earn reputation with her by turning in Nessus Tokens, and when the Reputation Bar is full, Failsafe rewards you with a Legendary Engram.

Activities in Nessus are similar to what you get in the EDZ. There are Adventures to pursue, Public Events to partake in and Lost Sectors to explore. The main difference being the types of enemies players encounter on Nessus. Here, players will face off against the Fallen and Vex. Unfortunately, despite being a whole new world, there are no new enemy species to fight. Given the exotic location, it would have been neat to see a new species, like the long-rumored moth people. Instead, we get another planet with more Fallen. While the Vex feels at home on a planetoid they’re in the process of converting, the Fallen don’t feel at home here. Cabal do show up on Nessus in select missions, like The Inverted Spire Strike.

Nessus feels destined to become one of Destiny 2’s most popular areas to visit. The open area is well laid out with stunning visuals and plenty of verticality. It has all the same activities to partake in that the EDZ has, but with a far more entertaining Faction Leader. This really does feel like it could be the home of moth people or some new species, and Destiny 2 needs a new species, but the Vex do feel appropriate here. It’s beautiful, well-designed and fans are sure to get a kick out of it.

Destiny 2 is out September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version launches October 24.