PAX West 2017: Travel Through Dangerous Mines in Chasm

Chasm started as a modest Kickstarter back in 2013 that was able to reach its goal, and despite being delayed from its initial 2015 release, has managed to keep pushing forward to 2017 with continued updates to their backers. PAX West featured a playable demo of the latest version of the game, letting players explore from the beginning on the journey into the dangerous mines with the many secrets and treasures they hold.

The basic premise of Chasm of a young soldier named Daltyn who is set out to check on a mining village that has gone suspiciously quiet. There he discovers that the village’s many inhabitants have gone missing and must brave the mines in order to find out what has happened to them. Once in the mines he discovers all manner of creatures there and the many mining villagers locked away in cages by these monsters. Daltyn then begins his adventure to save the villagers and find out exactly what is the cause of the disturbances in the mines.

The deep mines of Chasm are all procedurally generated, with each trip through resulting in a dangerous adventure that won’t be the same twice. Players will have to carefully platform their way through the mines while fending off enemies, uncovering treasure and keeping themselves alive. Like any game, a boss awaits at the end of these dungeons and must be defeated to proceed to the next area. Daltyn starts with just a sword in hand to fight with, but along the way they will uncover various secondary abilities to help in combat from simple throwing daggers to walls of fire to keep enemies at bay. When getting drained in the mines, players can travel back to the surface in order to rest and purchase items from rescued villagers willing to lend a hand through his journey.

While the controls in Chasm are fairly straight forward, there was little guidance featured in the playable demo which made it feel a bit more like an old school game. The adventure feels a lot more challenging with a lack of guidance, but in a good way as players will need to uncover certain things for themselves in order to progress through the dangers of the mines. The platforming in Chasm felt incredibly solid, as any missed jumps felt entirely like the fault of the player rather than slippery or stiff controls. The platforming is still a challenge and will often result in falling into toxic gas or spikes when missing a jump, so players will still need to stay on top of their platforming in order to explore every inch of the mines alive.

Chasm presents a beautiful pixel setting, with every area creating a new challenge for players to make their way through. While there seems to be a lot Chasm developers still want to work on before they are finished, there is plenty to be enjoyed already and fans should look forward to when this game does finally get its full release. While Chasm doesn’t have any planned release at this time, those interested can keep up with it through their official site.