Accel World VS. Sword Art Online Gets the PC Deluxe Treatment

Being a fan of Sword Art Online, including the games, I found myself somewhat disappointed with Accel World VS. Sword Art Online. The mash up of author Reki Kawahara’s two series just didn’t capitalize on what makes the franchises so much fun, especially in comparison to the previous games. However, it wasn’t the worst title in history, nor should it be skipped by fans of either series, since there is still the “missing out” factor. Those that have been waiting for a PC version are in luck, as Accel World VS Sword Art Online Deluxe Edition has just released on Steam.

While the improvements that the PC platform naturally boosts a game’s performance, the PC version includes the Castaway from Another World DLC at no extra charge, which is decent sized bonus. Plus, this version is launching at $50, which is $10 less than what the PlayStation 4 version went at. It’s a nice package for a decent game. Hopefully, good sales numbers will encourage Bandai Namco to attempt the cross over again, as the idea does merit further exploration.