Caladrius Blaze and The Flame in the Flood Launch Friday from Limited Run Games

It was nice to get a break after a very busy summer of Limited Run Games releases but that comes to an end this Friday.  September is currently only slated to have one release date in it (subject to change without notice for no particular reason) but it’s a good one, with the vertical shooter Caladrius Blaze and survival adventure The Flame in the Flood both coming out on PS4.  Caladrius Blaze is a bit more than normal, priced at $29.99, with a 4,000 copy print run.  The Flame in the Flood, on the other hand, is the usual $24.99 at 3,000 copies, but also has a limited cover available.  The limited cover is only being sold as a double-pack with the standard, because it’s not really meant for online sales.  It was printed specifically to sell at events, like the Ys Origins PAX variant, and while there are 1,000 copies available there are only a small number of double-packs going live.  How many is a mystery for the ages, or at least for Friday, but it’s bound to be a very fast seller, and Caladrius Blaze doesn’t seem likely to hang out too long either.  September may be a thin month (no complaints, summer was brutal if you wanted to maintain the collection) but there’s no getting lazy when the 10AM or 6PM release windows open.

As for next month, today saw the announcement of Windjammers for both PS4 and Vita.  Before getting too excited about other NeoGeo releases it’s probably best to remember Windjammers is from DotEmu, which LRG also worked with for Pang Adventures, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, and Ys Origins.  After that it could be anything, really.  There’s quite a backlog of announced but unscheduled titles, but maybe Rabi-Ribi being shown at PAX West is a sign that it’s coming along soon-ish.