ThinkGeek Introduces Clothing Line Inspired by Zelda Breath of the Wild

Much like sports and music fans, a person’s love of video games can extend beyond something they simply enjoy doing but also manifests itself in various forms of self expression because it has become such a strong facet of their sense of identity. It seems natural enough, people who have never strummed a guitar outside of their room wear world tour shirts of bands and people who haven’t touched a football in over a decade wear the jerseys of star players, so it’s only fair that someone who has never ventured outside of the suburbs should be allowed to dress like they are exploring the dangerous countryside of Hyrule.

ThinkGeek is not a game publisher or developer, nor do they exclusively cater to a video game centric clientele. As their name implies, they cater to pretty much any facet of geekdom, whether it be Whovians, Trekkies, comic book guys or gamers. They sell an abundance of different products that range from clothing, accessories, vinyl records and various other collectibles guaranteed to make Wanda ask what in the world I am blowing my money on now whenever a box shows up at our house. There are many different things to purchase on the site, but the most recent collection of things that was shown to us was ThinkGeek and Musterbrand’s new fourteen-piece collection of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild clothing, which can have applications for cosplay or just regular clothing.

The Breath of the Wild collection contains men’s and women’s clothing with a few different accessories. Some highlights of this collection include the Breath of the Wild Link Coat, which is a brown parka style jacket modeled after Link’s tunic with a pointed hood and rivet fasteners. For the ladies we have the Hylian Knitted Poncho Wrap. This blue and yellow knitted cape features the intarsia Triforce design knitted into the back, is machine washable and is sized to fit most humans.

An ideal item to carry at conventions like Comic Con, Dragoncon or PAX is the Breath of the Wild Backpack that has a capacity of roughly 900 korok seeds. This canvas bag is designed to look like something a certain pointy eared individual would use to transport his goods across Hyrule and featured a zipper closer with fold over clasp and faux leather Triforce applique. To protect oneself from a barrage of raindrops and bitter cold spells is the Revali Hooded Scarf, based on the design of the Champion of the Rito tribe, Revali.

Beyond the several new items featured in the ThinkGeek and Musterbrand collaboration, there are plenty more Zelda themed clothing items and accessories that can be found at ThinkGeek. Every year gaming is becoming more and more mainstream across all age groups, and while the high fashion designers in Milan and Paris might not have caught onto this, ThinkGeek and a few other clothing companies have been catering to our interests. The range of items is appropriate for different levels of fandom as well, where people can just get a T-shirt that features a game they happen to like or they can go all out and get watches patterned after game items or clothing that resembles what game characters wear themselves.