Fire Pro Wrestling World Coming to Revolution 2017 Tournament

Rice Digital announced today that Spike Chunsoft’s Fire Pro Wrestling World will be one of the game’s efatured at Revolution 2017. This is London’s premiere fighting game tournament, and will run from October 6-8. Fire Pro World itself launched via Steam Early Access in July, and is a must-buy for any pro wrestling or MMA fan. The game’s in-depth creation suite allows you to create international stars like Brock Lesnar and Kenny Omega, along with a slew of others. All match types will be available to play for fun, while actual tournament bouts will be one on one matches. It will be a single elimination tournament with night one featuring regular one on one matches and night two featuring one on one landmine deathmatches. Original characters will be allowed – but no one based on real wrestlers. The tournaments will run from 12PM through 8PM and you can register at the official page.