Raw Data is Getting Finished Really Soon

I’ve made no secret of the fact that Survios’ Raw Data is probably the best VR title out there. Them there robots get blowed up real good via shotguns, bow and arrows, pistols, swords and all sorts of special abilities. Filled with humor, honest jump scares and an incredible amount of technical pizzazz, it’s the title I pull out whenever I want to show off what VR can really do. It’s also been in Early Access f-o-r-e-v-e-r (to this impatient mind), meaning my lauding opinion is based on a non-completed state. That ends October 5, when the game hits version 1.0 for the Vive and Oculus Rift. PlayStation VR players will have to wait until October 10 for their version to hit.

“The most exciting part of Raw Data leaving Early Access is that our players will finally experience the complete story from its classic beginning to its heart-pounding conclusion,” said James Iliff, Survios Co-Founder and CCO. “Throughout the Early Access updates, we’ve been steadily drawing our players deeper into the complex relationship between their SyndiK8 heroes and Eden Corp’s nameless, sinister threat. Now, with Raw Data’s fully fleshed-out narrative, they’ll know who (or what) they’ve been fighting and what they’re fighting for.”

Obviously, I’m excited to see the game reach a final version. Every update has been like unpacking a new present, but I’m eager to wipe everything and start the experience fresh with the final, polished version. Be sure to check back soon for our review.