Factions Return to Destiny Next week

Factions are coming to Destiny 2, and they bring with them new weapons, armor, and shaders to earn, according to a lengthy blog post on Bungie.net on Thursday.

The previously announced Faction Rally event is imminent, meaning you’ll have to choose between Dead Orbit, the Future War Cult, and New Monarchy. It will start on September 26 at 2am Pacific, and will run for the week until reset day on October 3. The only requirement to pledge your allegiance is that you are level 20, and have completed the story.

After you pledge to one of the factions, you’ll complete various activities in game to earn Faction tokens, which when turned into your faction leader, will earn you reputation. At the end of the week, the faction that has gotten the most done will be declared the winner, and the members of that faction will be rewarded with a special gun. Check out all of the gear on Bungie.net.