Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Adds Mantine Surfing

Nintendo has published a new trailer showcasing new features coming to Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, including surfing.

In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Mantine is now a Ride Pokémon. Utilizing Mantine, players will be able to surf between the islands and perform some pretty neat tricks. It is unknown at what point in the game players will be able to acquire this sweet Ride Pokémon. Of course, that’s not all the trailer revealed. Players can visit the Alolan Photo Club to take some sweet pics with your Pokémon.

Trials have been revamped and appear differently than they did in Sun and Moon. For example, Acerola’s Ghost-type trial shows her behind a locked door, suggesting players may have to save her. Mina, the Fairy-type Trial Captain, will have a Trial this time around. The trailer also suggest that Hau and Lillie will have a bigger role in your adventure.

Finally, a trove of Pokémon from previous games are being added to the Alola Dex, bringing the total amount of Alola native Pokémon to 400. Returning Pokémon include Larvitar, Zoroa, Mareep, and Tropius. Furthermore, the trailer confirmed that the Houndour line will be to exclusive to Ultra Sun, and the Electrike line exclusive to Ultra Moon.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is out November 17 on Nintendo 3DS.