Pokkén Tournament DX Launches into Battle with New Trailer

Pokémon has been pretty busy this year with apps being released, games launching and still more to come! Today, fans can get their hands on the most recent addition to the fighting series in Pokkén Tournament DX.

Trainers get to actually control the combat of a Pokémon battle. They will move around the field and attack opponents using a variety of moves and skills. There are over 20 fighters to choose from and master each of their unique abilities. Discover who is the strongest of the entire Ferrum League, take on your friends in easily transitioned multiplayer modes or hop online to play against folks from around the world.

We found Pokkén Tournament DX to be a fun and engaging title that is much superior to its Wii U predecessor. It is available now only on Switch and can be downloaded or bought in-stores. Check out the launch trailer below and find out a bit more about the biggest Pokémon fighting game ever!