Renaine Brings Her Pixel-Neon Jump and Slash Platforming to Kickstarter

A knight’s work is never done because there’s always another dragon to defeat.  Aine is on a side-scrolling quest through a lo-fi world to take down her nemesis, jumping, slashing, and rolling through semi-randomized levels along the way.  Her journey may be dangerous at first but she’s got infinite lives, and the predictability of enemies means once she’s learned their patterns she can tear through them with grace and skill, speed-running through the levels like a little neon dynamo of knightly justice.

Renaine launched its Kickstarter today in conjunction with its showing at the Boston Festival of Indie Games, and it’s well worth giving the demo a play-through or two.  While the basic setup is fairly standard for this type of game it’s packed with fun, weird characters and the controls feel perfectly responsive.  The neon-pixel art looks nice in screens and better in motion, and the even if none of the preceding was true it would still be worth checking out for the upbeat, jazzy soundtrack.  Enable Flash in your browser for a bit to give the Newgrounds demo a look, and maybe drop by Renaine’s Kickstarter along the way.