ArcheAge Begins Goes into Pre-Registration

Can’t wait for the next big RPG from Gamevil next month? Well, unfortunately you will still have to wait, but you can at least pre-register for the MMO to obtain numerous in-game items and currencies to get you on your way.

Gamevil has put up a registration for ArcheAge Begins (which runs until October 24), giving anyone who signs-up with their email address 500 Gems, 150k Gold, 100 Stamina and 50 Universal Pieces. In addition, if you go through Google Play, you will obtain 1,000 Gems, 300k Gold and 200 Stamina.

ArcheAge Begins is based off the popular MMO and developed with Unreal Engine 4. It will be made available October 25 on both iOS and Android devices.