Dead Rising 4 Adding Fan Requested Changes in December

Capcom isn’t done with Dead Rising 4 yet. As part of their continuing efforts to support and improve the game, Capcom Vancouver is planning to roll out a large update incorporating many fan-requested changes. These changes range from the improvement of human enemies to the addition of more meaningful sidequests and many small tweaks and adjustments to the overall experience. The announcement was accompanied by a short trailer, available to watch below:

The biggest change coming for human enemies is the addition of “Maniacs.” Maniacs will be more powerful enemies wielding new weapons. If Frank West wants to give these unique weapons a try, he’s going to have to defeat the maniac and their minions first. Human AI will also be generally improved as well, making them better at using cover and countering player attacks.

The other major addition to game will come in the form of “Distress Calls.” These will be newly-scripted missions wherein Frank has to complete a quest for a survivor and then protect them from the zombie horde while they flee to a safer place. The reward for completing all these missions will be a unique version of one of Frank’s outfits.

Overall, the update will also include improved zombie AI, improved zombie horde awareness and pursuit, improved controller responsiveness, increased attack speed, mission tuning and more. These updates, along with new game mode “Capcom Heroes,” will be free for all owners of Dead Rising 4 and will be made available to PS4 players as part of Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package.

Dead Rising 4 was already a fun game despite having some flaws, but it’ll finally be that much closer to the game fans were originally hoping for when this update rolls out on December 5.