Screenshot Saturday Featuring Boss 101, Let Them Come, Many More

Screenshot Saturday admits to no limits on creativity, with each new week bringing an endless series of images, animation, and anything else that can be crammed into a Twitter hashtag.  Developers take the day to show off what they’ve been up to in the week, whether that be a small little chunk of code or a major new feature.  The result is a little bit of everything, posted by the hundreds, and this feature mercilessly cuts the volume down to about a dozen or so even if some good ones get unfairly left behind.  Hard choices have to be made or this thing would get completely out of hand.  Everything takes up a lot of space, as it turns out.  Everything is also in video-clip format nowadays, so make sure to give it all a chance to move.

JASEM- Twin-stick shooter where a heavily-armed tank makes giant explosions while trying not to fall off the platforms that really should have guard rails installed, preferably to OSHA standards. There’s a demo available on, a bit rough around the edges but a nice start for a game still early in development.

Explorer- A hard-hat worker grabs his hammer and travels through dangerous cellars and other industrial environments to do… something or other. Maybe an epic adventure, maybe not, it’s a bit early to know. Whatever it is, it seems to have left him a touch emotional.

Jenny Smash- Due to a complete lack of info I have no idea what’s going on here, but it involves punching and kicking a whole lot of people who are polite enough to line up for the privilege on a series of tiny planets. Videogame logic is the best logic.

Thyrian Defenders- Fly up the screen, shoot things. It’s a classic story that hasn’t evolved much since the Space Invaders days, and just as effective now as then. This is a particularly nice looking one, with really solid pixel art and three different enemy bullet patterns on just this one 2.5 second slice of gameplay.

Final Storm- Twin-stick arena shooter. Couldn’t be more of a twin-stick arena shooter if Eugene Jarvis and Stephen Cakebread were poking at the design document and dictating the style.

Somewhere- Surreal first-person exploration game through spaces that almost make sense until you find something that makes the world go even stranger than it started as. You’re never ready for giant matchsticks as telephone poles or the walls to sprout noses until it actually happens.

Let Them Come- Swarms of aliens attempt to overrun the gunner’s position, throwing themselves against a wall of firepower in an attempt to turn the defender into a quivering pile of meat. This is what happens to the character portrait when his overwhelming force is inevitably whelmed.

Apex Racing League-  Cute racer with a high-view camera, usually running through sunny, picturesque towns.  This particular bit shows off a test environment with a number of obstacles that give the physics engine a nice workout.  The handling on the car is looking extra-sharp, with the tires looking like the hold the curves just right.

Jackie & The Crystal-  Action/adventure inspired by Zelda featuring a non-heroic street rat who gets ahold of a crystal that lets her hop through time.  This leads to a complicated series of choices that you can always re-do, trying different options for different outcomes.  As a street rat/rogue character Jackie is fairly mobile, able to dash, climb, and grapple to wherever she needs to be.

Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team-  Super-clever action/puzzle game with Ruby the human and Majesty the bat working together to solve trap-filled dungeons in pursuit of the treasure within.  You control both characters at the same time, Majesty with the left stick and Ruby with the right, and need to press buttons, push switches, and use the strengths and weaknesses of each to help each other through.  It’s got a great demo over at that’s absolutely worth a play-through.

Boss 101-  Randomly-generated boss rush where each new insane encounter is put together from near-endless pieces that combine to create a huge amount of bullet-spewing mega-enemies.  Research new guns, buy hats, take some time off to fly a kite with your robo-friend, or kick back in the arcade.  There’s a version of Wizard of Wor in the arcade, which is honestly pretty amazing.

Unnamed-  Top-down free roaming shooter where you stand still while the world rotates around you.  When this first popped up I mentioned it looked like the Namco tank shooter Assault, and while the superficial resemblance is still there due to the tiny number of games that take this approach it’s clearly evolving into a unique but still shooty identity.

The Signal-  Not a lot of info on this one, but despite appearances it doesn’t appear to be a space shooter.  Capital ships like that are practically begging to be flown past in a wire-frame fighter armed with pew-pew lasers as space lights up with a neon-vector glow.

Unnamed-  The goofiest chess board ever made.  Except I’m feeling fairly certain that pawn isn’t playing by any set of rules I’ve ever seen.  Maybe he gets a combo multiplier after each kill allowing him to chain enemy attacks while also ignoring the standard move requirements.  Or maybe he’s just a jerk.  Either way, the king isn’t going down without a proper checkmate.

Bonus Images

Pusheen- Ok, so Pusheen has been over-marketed to a ridiculous extent. Don’t care. D’awwww…

Mulaka- While I hate to nitpick, especially on a game that looks as nice as this, those are pine trees. Also known as “evergreens”.  The lovely fall sunset light turns far more sinister when you realize all those trees are dead.

And finally, presented without comment-