Classic Star Wars Battlefront II Multiplayer Restored

Pandemic and LucasArts classic Star Wars Battlefront II has been granted a new lease of life thanks to Good Old Games (GOG).

Star Wars Battlefront II (the 2005 game by Pandemic) is still considered to be one of the finest Star Wars games ever made. Players could fight as the Republic, CIS, Rebellion, and Empire across a wide variety of maps, in different vehicles, and as various different heroes. Beloved, the game was still being played online until servers were unfortunately shut down following GameSpy’s closure. However, the game has found a new lease on life.

Star Wars Battlefront II has been issued a new update by GOG. Powered by GOG Galaxy, the update restores the game’s multiplayer functionality and adds crossplay support between the GOG Galaxy and Steam versions of the game. No matter where you play, you’ll be able to trade blaster fire with anyone who owns a copy of Battlefront II.

You can pick up classic Star Wars Battlefront II on either GOG or Steam right now. EA’s take on Star Wars Battlefront II is out November 17 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.